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Http3 introduction

HTTP/3: An Introduction to the Next Generation Web Protocol

Move over HTTP/2; there's a new kid on the block. HTTP/3 is finally here, and everybody's talking about it. Well, it's…

Lemp tutorial digital ocean

Debian Install with Nginx and WordPress on Digital Ocean

I love VPS servers. Configuring them and customizing cloud solutions brings me joy. For the last seven years or so, we have…

Upgrading php 7

How to Upgrade PHP 7.0 to 8.x on Your VPS

Your web hosting is a critical component of your website's success. Poor hosting will result in many issues, from security…

Digital ocean create droplet

Quickstart LAMP Setup Guide - Digital Ocean

It's no secret that most shared hosting platforms are just terrible. This includes HostGator, BlueHost, and any other you can…