Black Mountain Products

Black Mountain Products specializes in offering the highest quality fitness equipment and accessories. BMP is a family-owned and operated business, that takes pride in having outstanding customer service and satisfaction.


Black Mountain Products, Inc.


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Health & Fitness

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BMP came to us originally for web hosting needs and the ability to process many web requests without any downtime or server errors. They then requested a new website and logo to elevate their brand.


After successfully testing their site to process many requests on our private hosting, we took on the challenge to redesign their website using Woocommerce for the e-commerce backend. We integrated custom WordPress product "sliders" and custom product pages.

It can be tricky to find someone who understands how an e-commerce platform works, especially from an SEO standpoint, but Zadro Web is very knowledgeable about WooCommerce. They can quickly find a solution to any problem.
Justin Marker, Business Development