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Worry-Free web hosting, maintenance, and custom cloud solutions.

Managed Web Hosting Services

Web HostingWeb hosting is confusing. There are many different web hosting providers for you to choose from, and this is a critical component to your online presence and visibility.

Your website needs to be with a reliable hosting provider, and by offering fully managed web and cloud hosting services, your website is in good hands with Zadro Web.

Our web hosting solution is designed to be a worry-free experience, where we handle all your website management needs.

Our servers are highly optimized for WordPress with many advanced features, such as server-level caching, multi-threading, and private hosting pools.

We can provide website maintenance, complete web server support, and customized cloud server solutions.

Web Hosting Features

  • Highly Secure & Private Web Server – Your website will not be mixed in with toxic sites that can harm your search visibility.
  • Lightening Fast – Your website will always be optimized with the latest technologies and web solutions.
  • Hacker Proof  – Daily anti-virus and malware scans to ensure your web visitors have a safe browsing experience.
  • Fully Managed – Server maintenance is standard and complete website support can be included.
  • Website Protection – Full backups are included and your website can be restored quickly.

Technical Specifications

  • LEMP Environment – We run Nginx instead of Apache for blazing fast speed with lower overhead.
  • PHP – Currently running PHP 7.3 with dedicated OpCache RAM.
  • 24 CPUs – Private PHP pools for each website.
  • 96GB of shared RAM – Memory is not throttled, and all PHP processes run in their own pool.
  • Plenty of Storage – We monitor storage but do not put any caps currently, within reason.
  • SFTP – All file transfer is over a SSH tunnel, and we do not allow FTP.
  • SSL – Available on request, we handle the install for you and keep it up-to-date.
  • HTTP/2 – Increases your website page load time.

Not sure what the above means? That’s ok. Just know that we have everything covered and your web hosting will be handled with care.

Originally, web hosting was only offered as part of our technical SEO services to help with online visibility. It’s now a stand-alone service to help with all your website needs.

Web Maintenance & Support

Do you need website support for your existing hosting plan or web server? Website maintenance covers all upgrades of your plugins, daily backups, real-time monitoring, and consulting services to increase your website’s performance. Ask for details.

Custom Cloud Solutions

Our primary shared servers can most likely handle your web hosting needs. However, there are cases where you might need a custom solution if your website has consistent high-traffic or needs an auto-scaling solution for peak times.

We can build a custom private server for your specific needs or provide cloud web hosting solutions into AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and many other VPS providers.

Feel free to complete the web form and ask about details for basic web hosting, advanced web maintenance & support, or developing a custom cloud solution for your needs.

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