SEO Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Press Release

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A well formed press release can be a valuable tool for small businesses looking to increase their online visibility. Search engine optimization offers small business owners a way to get their press releases noticed amidst an ever changing wave of online information. While diving into the world of key words, managed content and link building may at first seem daunting, some general tips can help you optimize your next press release and improve its chances of getting the online attention you desire.

Keywords and Optimization

Optimizing any online content begins with the choice, and subsequent use, of key words and phrases. It will be necessary to choose key words or phrases that your potential audience would be likely to use in their search for the products or services you are discussing. These are the tags that get noticed by search engine filters which decide what responses to give to any given internet search. The placement, and repetition, of these key words should be worked into the text of your press release as naturally as possible.

Some basic tips to remember when working with your key words and phrases:

  • Headline Placement – Work your key words into the headline of your press release. Use them naturally, so search engines can find them in news feeds, and in organic searches. However, use some restraint. Editors will be reading your copy, and it may get rejected if it appears to be spam
  • Opening paragraphs – Be sure to include your key words or phrases in the opening paragraph of your press release. Search engine filters tend to concentrate on the tops of pages, and having your tags front and center will help direct attention to your article. It will also help your audience to quickly decide the relevance of your press release to their initial search

Building Content

The chief focus of any press release should be content, and the body of your text should flow naturally. The key words and phrases you used in your opening do not need to be hammered home over and again. Keep your copy concise and informative, and let the natural progression of information drive the text. Search engine filters are advanced enough to recognized synonyms and alternate phrasing, so there is no need to overstress your key words. Solid content trumps keywords any day, so make the body of your text the best it can be.

The site that will be publishing your press release will provide guidelines on word count, and you will want to adhere to their established rules. Generally speaking, a solid press release will run between 500 and 650 words. While it’s tempting to want to convey as much information as possible, more is not always better. Disregarding the limits set by your PR site may well get your press release rejected.

When working on the body of your press release, remember your audience, and tailor your language to suit them. Keep the text informative, and direct. Finally, quality content is the key. So make time for revisions, and proof read your copy more than once to ensure that no errors have gone uncorrected.

Including Links

Most PR sites will allow you to include one or two links in your press release. The placement of these links should be approached strategically. If you can naturally work a link into the first few sentences of your press release, do so. Remember, online attention spans can be short and you want to grab your audience’s attention from the start.

Follow Through

Small businesses should consider making press releases a regular part of their online marketing strategy. While you do not want to abuse them, and should only issue a press release when you have new and valuable information to impart, they can be a valuable tool in the online marketing of your business.

Search engine optimization is always changing, and the rules of the internet road can be difficult to master. But with attention to detail, and an emphasis on quality content, the optimized press release can become a powerful tool in directing online attention to your business.

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