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SEO Tips - PinterestPinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, taking its place alongside Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Pinterest averages more than four million visitors a day, with each visitor spending an average of 15 minutes browsing the site. Wow, talk about low bounce rate!

As a growing social network, Pinterest offers a wealth of SEO opportunities for the eager marketer. More and more people are joining Pinterest every day, and now is the time for webmasters and SEOs to take advantage of the opportunities it affords.

Why Pinterest?

All social media offers opportunities for SEOs to reach a greater audience for their message, and Pinterest is no different. Users are flocking to Pinterest because of its easy interface, and built in fun. Members can “pin” an article, video or image and immediately share it with their circle of friends. What makes Pinterest really attractive to SEOs is that when a member “pins” an item, it can be directly linked to that member’s profile on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In effect, exponentially increasing a post’s potential visibility. Pinterest can be a real “nugget” for SEO marketers, and here are a few tips for getting the most out of your Pinterest account.

Link Building

Pinterest’s membership roles are increasing every day, and that offers webmasters and SEOs greater opportunities for building positive links to their blogs or websites. With Pinterest, marketers can edit their post’s description to include a direct link to a website or blog article. When your post is “pinned” by one of your Pinterest followers, that link will be shared with all of their followers. While that in itself is nothing ground breaking, remember that Pinterest profiles reach beyond the Pinterest community itself. Member’s profiles can be linked with their Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts, so when they “pin” your article your link is automatically exposed to a number of different social media platforms, and this creates social signals.

Cross Promotion

Pinterest channels can be synced with your Facebook profile. This will allow everyone in your Facebook community to follow your Pinterest “pins” in their newsfeed. You can also tweet your “pins” to drive traffic back to your Pinterest channel, getting the attention of your Twitter followers. This cross promotion allows you to increase your visibility on all three platforms with minimal effort.

Use Hash Tags

Hash tags allow you to anchor a post to a particular subject, making it easily discoverable in an online search. Google+, Twitter and Instagram have all adopted the hash tag format, and Facebook is soon to incorporate it into their platform as well. Using hash tags is a good way of increasing visibility for your brand’s latest marketing campaign.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is a fundamental part of any SEO strategy, and can be applied to all of your Pinterest posts as well. Use keywords in the descriptions you include with your Pinterest posts, giving special attention too long tail keywords that offer a longer shelf life. For example, you might choose keywords that relate to a particular region or demographic over and above the basic product description. Thereby making your “pin” searchable for product type, location and customer type. This will potentially increase your visibility in Pinterest’s search function, exposing your links to a greater number of users.

Use the “Pin It” Button

Pinterest, like all social media platforms, is all about sharing content. As a member, you can add a “Pin It” button via a widget to anything you post on your own website, whether it’s a blog, image or product description. By clicking the “Pin It” button, visitors to your website can automatically share your content with their Pinterest followers. And remember, since members can sync their Pinterest accounts with other social media outlets, a “Pin It” option has even greater potential for exposure.

You can also install a “Pin It” button directly to your browser to share images from any webpage. For more information on both of these options, check out

Building Followers

Social media is all about connecting, and it’s important to build your Pinterest community just as you would on Facebook or Twitter. When someone follows you on Pinterest, be sure to return the favor. Monitor your account, and be sure to engage with others, commenting on their posts and replying to their comments on yours. If there is one place where many marketers fail, it is in setting up social media accounts and then remaining unsociable. Connect with your followers, and your fan base will grow.

Social media offers webmasters and SEOs a unique opportunity to directly engage with their clientele, increasing their online visibility and building brand loyalty. Pinterest may be one of the newer players in the social media game, but it is fast becoming one of the most popular. The SEO potential of Pinterest is just beginning to be tapped.

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  • Jemma Taylor

    Pinterest profile links are also DOFOLLOW. An easy place to get a solid link back to your website. Thanks for Sharing !!