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Link BuildingSearch engine optimization has many moving parts. One of them, and a big one, is link building.

For that reason and the fact that many companies have in-house SEO teams, we’ve decided to break this out as a separate service for you.

Google has made it very clear that only “authority” content and websites will receive top rankings in the search results.

Authority sites are industry leading sites that are relevant to your niché  and have great traffic, in most cases.

With link building efforts, we strategically position and embed your links within these sites.

Link Building We Provide

Our focus is only white-hat link building and involves a variety of methods. These ethical methods involve creating relationships with bloggers or influencers (called Outreach) to see if there’s a mutual benefit with their readers by providing increased value with your content.

We believe that your brand is very important to you, and therefore, important to us. We only pursue relevant links that make sense to your industry.

In addition to relevance, It’s also important to note that our methods of link building include evaluating domain authority. This metric is becoming the industry standard for baseline evaluation of a link target.

Domain authority (DA) is just a starting point, and placement for DA30 and above is what we target to maximize the value and trust signals back to your website.

Link building services can include:

  • Contextual links on high authority blogs and publications
  • Editorial and citation based links
  • Industry specific directory and vendor profile links
  • Local citations, if applicable
  • Blog comment links for a diverse link profile
  • Forum links, depending on your industry

Again, it’s about creating a relationship with your high-quality content and another website. The best types of links are “earned” links, and very often, link building results in increased awareness which leads to extra links.

Some links we have places include:

  • Huffington Post
  • Glamour
  • Buzzfeed
  • Wikipedia
  • Social Media Today
  • Many more!!

However, it’s important to note that link building is extremely time consuming and results can take about a month to get the first link. We bill in a variety of methods that will work for you.

Volume Link Building

Our relationships with bloggers also allows us to create volume link building services with lower domain authority (DA20-DA40). We can target 100+ links per month if needed.

When combining high-authority link building and outreach with volume link building, the benefits of these services are:

  • Increased rankings in search engines
  • Additional traffic from referral sources
  • Diverse and more natural looking link profile

The traffic and increased rankings will provide more visitors, which ultimately means more leads and business for your company. And, everyone like more business.

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