Is Polling a Part of Your Social Media Strategy? If Not, It Should Be

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Social PollingSocial media plays a large part in a company’s marketing campaign, am I right?

It can also be a significant player in your SEO strategy. But the value of social media is in direct proportion to how it is being used. Having a social media presence is not nearly enough. It’s about learning to leverage its potential to spread your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately increase conversions.

According to Econsultancy, the social teams behind Coca-Cola and Starbucks frequently pose questions to their audiences and other companies that have ditched their surveys, are now turning to social feedback to understand customer experience.

Polling is one of the most effective ways to successfully exploit your social media presence. Beyond being a fun way to engage with consumers, it offers real dividends when it comes to branding, product development, and content marketing.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of social media polling, and at a few simple tools to get you started.

Free Feedback

The one thing every business owner, site developer, and SEO needs is feedback. There’s a very large, and lucrative, industry devoted entirely to conducting customer surveys and interpreting consumer feedback. But why not take the direct route, and poll your customer base through your social media outlets.

If someone is following you on Twitter or on Facebook, chances are they’re a direct knowledge of your company and its products and services. They’re probably just as likely to have some firm opinions they’d be happy to share with you for free.

A social media poll taps into that interest, and provides valuable information unveiling your business model shortcomings. It makes sense.

To provide a better customer experience, use your social audience opinions’ directly through polling.

Community and Conversation

Social media polls are a great way to engage with your followers and start a conversation. It shows that the lines of communication are open, and that you’re interested in their opinions. It also clearly demonstrates that you’re constantly working to improve your services and/or your website.

But this interaction goes beyond simply gathering data. When you release poll results, it extends the life of the dialogue and shows that you value the opinions of your customers and social media followers. You’re taking their opinions to heart!

Generate New Content

Social media polls, by their very nature, help to generate content – first, in the poll itself, and then second in the results of that poll. Moreover, if you create a poll that strikes high interest, it’ll be shared by a vast number of your followers. Expanding the reach of your polling content will ultimately extend your brand as well!

Boost Traffic

Who doesn’t want/need extra content for their social media outlets? Essentially, by having two pieces of original content (the poll and the poll results), you have doubled your chances of having your content shared and sparking a new traffic flow to your money website.

Consider this… If 20% of your followers vote in the poll, and 15% of those share the poll, that results in an uptick of 2-3% overall. Each social share increases the potential for traffic to your website.

Crunching numbers, a well-received social media poll could boost traffic to your money website by as much as 20%. That’s a pretty good return on investment.

Social Polling Tools

Now that I’ve convinced you that polling should be a part of your social media strategy, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The easiest way to conduct a poll is to post a question on one of your social media outlets. However, the polling data using this method can often be difficult to tabulate, so for the best results you might want to consider one or more of the following tools:

  • Wedgies – Wedgies is one of the premier online polling services. Their polling tools are easily embedded in Facebook and Tumblr posts. Wedgies polls also include shareable “results cards” which can help to extend the life of your polling content. The service is relatively inexpensive, and Wedgies tabulates all of your final polling results.
  • PoLL CODE – PoLL CODE doesn’t offer the features or services of Wedgies, but what it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in cost. In other words, it’s free! PoLL CODE is popular with Facebook users, and you are likely to recognize their polling template from your own online experiences.
  • Twtpoll – Twtpoll offers #Hashtag surveys, one-question and multi-question surveys and quizzes in 10+ languages, for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. It allows you to add filters to segment results and provides more than 20 combinations of questions to send. You can schedule these to post for a pay-as-you go rate of $7 per question.
  • Survey Monkey – Survey Monkey offers both free and premium packages designed to be integrated with blogs or Facebook Posts. Polling templates are provided, and Survey Monkey will tabulate and post the results to your website or Facebook page.

When people incorporate social media into their marketing strategies, polling is hardly the first thing that comes to mind. As a friendly reminder, it offers a number of very real benefits for business owners and content marketers.

If you haven’t considered including polling in your social media strategy, now is the time. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and most importantly …it’s effective!

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